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Intel to launch G43

by on13 February 2008


No VC1 and AVC decoding

The mighty G45 will feature full hardware decoding and MPEG2 acceleration, along with VC1 and AVC decoding, while the lower-end version of the same chipset won't.

Intel plans to simultaneously launch G43 and G45 chipsets, but the low-end version won’t accelerate HD DVD or Blu-Ray content.

The biggest limitation of the G43 is its dual channel memory support with only one dim per channel, while the G45 will have dual channel memory and two dim modules per slot. Still, this will let motherboard manufacturers make a cheaper motherboard with only two memory slots.

Both G45 and G43 have integrated HDMI, DVI and Display port, and this will certainly make them an attractive option for many consumers.

Last modified on 15 February 2008
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