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Nforce 680i will never work with Yorkfield

by on13 December 2007


Intel... Nvidia

Poor little green environmental Nvidia. Intel screwed up its chipset business a lot, as it did some last-minute changes on Yorkfield and did not inform Nvidia. The next time Nvidia got Yorkfield 45nm samples they didn't work on Nvidia's 680i motherboards, and it looks like they never will, at least not with the old motherboards.

Now, Nvidia knows that it has to change the hardware on the motherboard and that all the existing Nforce 680i motherboards won't work with 45 nanometer quad core processors. We are still not sure if the 45 nanometer Wolfdale dual core CPUs will work.

So, if you are persistent and you want Intel's 45nm quad core and a Nforce motherboard to get some SLI action, then you need to get a new 680i SLI board or one of the new Nforce 780i motherboards that should be out shortly. We will try to ask around as to what will happen if you are the owner of an Nforce 680i board and you want to use a Yorkfield 45nm CPU. Will you get a chance to get a new board?

Last modified on 14 December 2007
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