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Intel launches faster Quad core

by on10 April 2007


2.93 GHz Sunday edition

Intel today announced an advance in its enthusiast-level quad core processor family with new Intel Core 2 Extreme processor QX6800, twelfth quad-core processor offering. It runs at 2.93 GHz, the fastest native clock speed reached with Intel Core micro architecture for the quad-core desktop.

QX 6800 is a 65 nanometre processor and has two times 4 MB cache. It works with FSB 1066 MHz and it will cost $1,199.

Some of the hot titles such as Crytek's Crysis, Supreme Commander and Hellgate London DirectX 10 titles are supposed to work better with this CPU. They should use more than two CPU's but this is just in theory and we have to see about the practical use.

People who do video encoding for peaceful purposes will be happy with the new Quad core as it should be up to 65 percent faster than the Intel Core 2 Extreme dual core. Adobe*, Cakewalk*, DivX*, Sony Creative Software* should benefit from the quad core.

Phil Taylor, Flight Simulator Program Manager ex ATI chap who works at Microsoft Game Studios said that  "Flight Sim X SP1 greatly increases multi core utilization and will scale as more threads are available leading to reduced load times as well as frame rate improvements and greater visual complexity during flight. In other words quad core should be better for games.

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