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Foxconn's MARS does fine tuning

by on12 November 2007


Enthusiast's dream, 0.5 multiplier


According to Foxconn's press release, the MARS series will be the first motherboard to feature the 0.5 increment capability supported by Intel Penryn 45nm processors.

The new overclocking enthusiast's wet dream, or so called fine tuning, is possible with the new G26 Beta Bios (which can be found on the Quantum Force website). According to the well known overclocker, Peter Tan, better known as Shamino, the 0.5 multiplier increment gives enthusiasts more flexibility and higher clock speeds in a stable environment.

If you are a proud owner of MARS motherboard, Foxconn organized a nice little contest where the highest 3DMark06 score submitted on the Quantum Force PowerWall will win prizes of up to US $1,000. You can check out the contest rules here.


Last modified on 13 November 2007
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