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Asus P5E3 Deluxe previewed

by on19 September 2007

Anandtech has the goods

Anandtech has scored a preview of the upcoming P5E3 Deluxe X38 based motherboard from Asus and they're liking what they're seeing. The board has quite a few unique features that we haven't seen from any other motherboard manufacturer to date.

First up the P5E3 Deluxe features onboard draft 802.11n Wi-Fi and although it's not mentioned in the preview, it appears that the board also has a Turbo Cache module on the board, something we've seen from Asus in the past.

It's also the first board we've seen that uses Splashtop technology and Asus calls their version Express Gate. It allows you to access the Internet and even Skype without booting into Windows and it's an easy way to download BIOS upgrades for the board.

The game benchmark figures are still not very impressive compared to the P35 chipset, although this is still an early sample with an early BIOS, but it looks like those that have already spent their money on a P35 board shouldn't feel cheated.

You can check out the whole preview here
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