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Intel's 1.8 inch SSDs to get to 300GB

by on05 May 2010


Intel's 25nm to blame, Q1 2011

Intel has big plans with its new 25nm NAND flash division this year. It starts in Q4 2010 with 160GB, 300GB and 600GB X25-M drives and it continues early next year with some 1.8-inch drives.

The new 1.8-inch drives are 25nm MLC based and they will sound the end of life bell for Intel's 50nm MLC as well as remaining 34nm MLC 1.8- and 2.5-inch drives.

The new capacities are 160GB that will replace 80GB and 160GB 50nm as well as 34nm MLC based drives and the new big 25nm 1.8-inch drive will grow to 300GB capacity.

We are not sure who are the customers for these 1.8-inch drives, as they definitely are small and they can store a lot of data. We can only hope that they will end up in some camcorders and home Blu-ray and similar devices. Some computers will definitely benefit from 1.8 inch drives but most manufacturers still use mainly 2.5-inch drives for their hard drives.

Last modified on 05 May 2010
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