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OCZ quietly slips the 30GB Solid 2 SSD

by on26 January 2010


30GB of SSD for around €100

During August 2009, OCZ has announced its Solid 2 SSD lineup, and these SSDs with 34nm MLC NAND chips were meant to steal some glory from Intel's X25-M Gen2 SSDs. Back then, OCZ has announced the 60 and 120GB versions, and as of recently, it has quietly slipped in yet another version, an affordable 30GB drive.

This one should directly compete with Kingston's V and V+ series 40GB drives which should retail at around €90. The Solid 2 30GB drive has 10GB less space but has somewhat higher performance with read speeds of up to 170MB/s and write speeds of up to 70MB/s. Kingston's 40GB drives are rated at 170MB/s and 40MB/s for read and write performance.

Unlike Kingston's V and V+ series which mostly uses Intel's design, OCZ is sticking with Indilinx on its Solid 2 series. It also features three years of warranty and a 64MB of on board cache.

The new Solid 2 30GB drive is listed in Europe and the average price stands at around €100. You can find it listed here.


Last modified on 26 January 2010
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