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Kingston developing DDR3-2133 kit

by on05 August 2009


CL8 HyperX at 1.65V

Kingston has announced that it will be ready to show the crown jewel in its HyperX memory lineup in September, a new 2133MHz DDR3 CL8 kit running at 1.65V.

In addition to this DDR3-2133 kit, Kingston is preparing an entire line of 1.65V dual-channel kits ranging all the way down to 1333MHz. The most interesting fact is that this was timed just when Intel's Lynnfield should start to appear and we are quite sure that Kingston's kits will do just fine.

The entire lineup will have a lifetime warranty, and if blue is your color of choice, Kingston's HyperX heatspreaders are the right way to go.


Last modified on 05 August 2009
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