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Patriot announces its 128GB Magnum flash drive

by on17 June 2009


Updated: 128GB time has come

Following Kingston's footsteps, Patriot Memory has announced a new addition to its Magnum flash drive series, the 128GB Xporter Magnum.

The new Patriot Xporter Magnum 128GB drive will retain the same dimensions as its predecessor, the 64GB unit, but will have a different color, black vs. red on the 64GB version. The picture of the new Magnum is still not available but we will make an update as soon we get it.

Unlike Kingston's new DataTraveller 200 series, the Magnum will offer a bit faster read speed of up to 31MB/s, and if it's anything like the 64GB version, we are looking at a 15MB/s write speed.

Unfortunately, the price is not set yet as Patriot is working with its partners and we will update the article with it as soon as Patriot gets back to us with the info.

Update: We managed to score a picture of Patriot's new Xporter Magnum 128GB flash drive, and we must confess that it does look better dressed in black. We also managed to get some details on the price, at least for one region in Europe. According to our info the new 128GB drive in France should cost around €475 including taxes. Other European regions might share the same fate, and if you think that the price is too steep you must note that this is the largest flash drive that money can buy.

The new Patriot Xporter Magnum 128GB

Patriot's Xporter Magnum 64GB

Last modified on 17 June 2009
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