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German Alternate doing an OCZ week

by on14 October 2008


DDR2 memory hits new low

German e-tailer/retailer has started a new special deal memory week with OCZ memory. This wouldn't be so interesting, but prices are just ridiculous, and DDR2 has dropped to a new low. For example, OCZ's 2GB DDR2-1066 Reaper HPC kit will set you back just €40, or you can get the OCZ 4GB DDR2-800 XTC Nvidia kit for €59.

The new special deal at Alternate spreads to all DDR modules, including the old DDR-400, where OCZ's 2GB Platinum EL kit working at 2-3-2-5 latencies costs €55. The DDR3 memory is still a bit expensive, but Alternate has a sweet deal on OCZ's 4GB PC3-12800 Platinum Edition kit working at 1600MHz with 7-7-7-24 latencies and a sweet price of €184. This might look like a lot of money, but considering the price of the competition that is selling for over €200 and in some cases over €250, this sounds like a great deal.

You can find the DDR kit here, 4GB Nvidia XTC DDR2 here, 2GB Reaper HPC DDR2 here and the DDR3 here. Prices are going down, and DDR2 is at its lowest mark now as it probably can't go much below €40 for 2GB.

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