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OCZ snatches another one from Corsair

by on26 September 2008


Corsair's VP goes to OCZ

After our initial story about Corsair we apparently stirred the water enough to get a response from Corsair, but as always, the other side has a lot to say also. We managed to get some info from our sources and confirm that one of Corsair's VP has switched sides and is now working for OCZ.

According to our sources, OCZ has managed to snatch Vincent Nguyen, VP of Operations from Corsair. Nguyen, who previously worked as a VP of Operations in Taiwan for Corsair is now doing the same job, but for OCZ. During this year, and last year, several people from Corsair have also started to work for OCZ, but never a key figure like a VP, at least not that we know of.

According to OCZ's point of view, Corsair isn't doing that great and in some parts of the Europe, OCZ is actually moving in front of Corsair in the market share picture. We, on the other hand, believe that Corsair is still ahead, at least worldwide, as they are very strong in the US.

Corsair isn't doing that well no matter what they say, but the situation is not that bad, as they did release some products like the new Flash Voyager 64GB and small 8GB Voyager Mini, which should start to appear in stores pretty soon. They also did that great 1000W PSU, and consumers have great confidence when they are buying their products, there is no question about it.

Corsair will be back, that's for sure, and as the DDR3 memory will get a decent demand boost with the Nehelem, these memory companies will start to shine again.

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