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OCZ launches DDR3 1800 X48 ready memory

by on13 December 2007


OCZ XMP Titanium Edition modules


As the release of Intel's X48 chipset is getting closer, OCZ has decided to launch a new addition to its Titanium DDR3 series. These new modules work at 1800MHz with latencies as low as 7-7-7.

The new modules will be available as a single 1GB module or as a 2GB kit. They work at 2.5 Volts and are optimized for Intel's upcoming X48 chipset. They include two extreme memory profiles or shortly XMP. Both of these profiles work at 1800MHz but at different latencies, 8-8-8 for Intel qualified specifications and 7-7-7 for the second XMP profile qualified by OCZ for those that appreciate tighter latencies. 

The new modules are cooled by OCZ's Titanium Z3 XTC heatspreaders and come with a lifetime warranty. For further info you can check out the product page.


Last modified on 14 December 2007
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