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Skulltrail cannot do Tri SLI

by on29 January 2008


DistreeXXL: Dual or quad possible

We learned that the Skulltrail's eight-core platform won't support Tri SLI. The Skulltrail motherboard uses Nforce 100 chips that provide dual SLI capability and each chip supports two slots. As Intel has two of these chips, it can power two plus two cards and make dual or quad SLI.

But in this case, Tri SLI is not possible, as the two Nforce 100 chips are not interconnected and can't talk to each other. This limits Intel to dual SLI and the already fallen and disgraced Quad SLI technology.

That will certainly be a limiting factor, and it looks like Tri SLI will remain a feature only for Nvidia.

Last modified on 30 January 2008
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