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Medis offers 24/7 mobile power pack

by on26 September 2007


Charges your phone up to 10 times

We had a chance to meet with Medis, one of the companies that demonstrated an alternative energy source that might solve our mobile phones / notebook battery problem.

The company already has a retail product called 24-7 power pack that offers a based unit and almost any converter for your phones iPods, MP3 players or gaming devices. The company promises up to 30 hour talk on your mobile phone, 20 hours talk on your smart phone and about 60 to 80 hours.

We've seen it in action and it worked even with an iPhone. You take the base unit out of the retail box, you twist it with your hands until you hear the cracking sound and after that you are good to go. You take an appropriate cable and adapter and simply plug it in your mobile device. After that it will start charging your phone or mobile device and it will go on for hours. It will be enough for up to 10 charges.

The device outputs 3.6 to 5.45 V at continuous maximal 220 mAmps and its nominal power is 1W. It weights 165 grams or 6.5 oz but at least it will offer you a lot of power for about $29.99 the retail price. After you use the first package you don't need to buy the adaptors again you just buy a new charge that will be much cheaper. Looks like a nice technology and it will even come to mobile computers in next two years. That is what we desperately want.

The units are made in Ireland by Celesitica and comply to all environmental standards and even AlGore would say no to one.

The PDF with the specs and how to is here , some pictures are below.

The retail box

The Unit ready to power

A whole bunch of connectors

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