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X48 is only for extreme users

by on04 October 2007

Quantify extreme

Intel is targeting the extreme segment with the X48 chipset, although we thought that was where the current X38 was going. We're not quite sure what Intel means by extreme segment, but it's aparently high-end enthusiasts and gamers, i.e. media and people with way too much money to burn.

The X48 is the refresh for the X38 and Intel will charge a premium for it and the Extreme Edition CPU that will go with it and we can't see Intel making any more 1,600MHz FSB CPU's in the first quarter of next year.

The X48 chipset will most likely be pin compatible with the X38 chipset, so we're not expecting to see that many new board designs from Intel's partners, as it's costly to design a new board compared to just swapping the chipset.

Considering that the higher end X38 boards are costing €300+ we wouldn't expect X48 boards to be any cheaper and the adjoning XE CPU will most like end up at Intel's ususal $999 price point.
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