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Only 12 percent of Intel's CPUs in Q3 2008 are Quad cores

by on15 February 2008


Quad core adopts slowly

Intel is ramping up the production of quad-core CPUs and talks a lot about them, but in reality it is just a fraction of all CPUs shipped.

According to Intel in Q1 2008 it plans to have two percent of 45nm Yorkfield and five percent of Kentsfield 65nm-based or total consumer CPUs. Dual-core 65nm Merom-based CPUs will take 42 percent of the market share in Q1, while E2000 dual-core series will take a massive 29 percent.

Yorkfield quad-core in Q2 2008 will rise to five percent while quad-core 65nm will sink to four precent. In Q3 Intel plans that 65nm quad cores will take four percent of total market, while Quad Core 45nm Yorkfield-based CPUs will ramp up to eight percent. The Q3 2008 should be the first month where quad core combined will take more than 10 percent.

It surely take its time, as its been 15 months since Intel launched its first Quad-core.

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