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Only one Nehalem comes in 2008

by on15 February 2008


In reality it's 2009 marchitecture

By its revised plans Intel now plans to launch just one Nehalem and this should take place in Q4 2008. Intel is well known for changing its mind quarter by quarter, so this might not be the final decision; but we suspect it will play the same game as it played with 45 nm Yorkfield launch.

Intel did manage to launch a single extremely expensive 45nm QX9650 Yorkfield chip in 2007, but in reality all desktop parts and notebook ramps at 45nm are taking place in 2008.

We predict that the blue team will do the same with Nehalem. It will launch it after IDF San Francisco in 2008, sell it for $1,000+ and launch some reasonably priced parts in 2009. We just wanted to share this with you, as if you are waiting for Nehalem four-cores with eight threads under $1,000, be prepared to wait to at least early 2009.

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