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Phenom B3 errata free comes next week

by on07 December 2007


Volume production in Q1

Phenom B3 samples that won't have the overhyped errata will be ready next week. This CPU goes easily to 2.6GHz out of the box and will enable some higher clocks in the future.

We believe that AMD messed up big time making a big deal of this errata issue, as every single processor that was out has some sort of errata and bugs.

The most interesting part is that Core 2 technology has about 120 listed bugs and no one, including us, complains or cares about it. Phenom B3 revision will be errata-free and it will be ready for volume production in Q1 2008. Once this is out the situation should get better for AMD. 

AMD did a foolish thing making this errata such a major issue in the first place. It would be just as unwise as if Nvidia announced to the press that the performance of an SLI really sucks in upcoming Crysis, which would clearly be similar to shooting yourself in the leg.

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