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Pentium 4 retires this year

by on04 December 2007


Roadmap: So long Netburst

Intel finally plans to discontinue its Netburst marchitecture after it has served the company for more than seven years. Intel had its ups and downs with the Netburst, but we can definitely say that this EOL is the end of a bumpy era. It also means the end of the Pentium 4 / D CPUs.

The Pentium D Presler 900, Cedar Mill and the Celeron D Cedar Mill have received the end of life tag (EOL) and Intel will stop selling them later this month. The remaining pieces will remain in the channel, but Intel won't ship any new ones as of the end of this month.

Presler and Cedar Mill, both at 65 nanometer, will be replaced by the much more successful Core 2 Duo marchitecture.

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