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Software unable to take advantage of Quad Cores

by on21 November 2007


On a mainstream PC

A senior Executive at AMD told Fudzilla that they believe that Quad Cores will be overkill for most mainstream applications from now to eternity. They expect that a normal mainstream user won’t really need a Quad Core in the next few years as there is no need for such processing power.

He agrees that you can utilize two cores and put them to good use, but it gets tough with three, four or even eight cores.

If you are doing some encoding and decoding, rendering and video editing you are considered a high-end user and you will certainly put these four cores to good use; but if your machine mainly runs Excel and Word, followed by Media Player and a browser you won’t really need four cores.

This is the real truth, but with such price drops the industry will force you to migrate to Quad Cores, as the chip manufacturers don’t have any other choice. 

Last modified on 23 November 2007
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