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Core 2 duo and Quad to get the same logo

by on01 October 2007


As of 1st of January 08

Intel will definitely confuse the market as it plans to use a single sticker for both Core 2 Duo and Quad. This doesn't make any reasonable sense as people who buy quad core won't have the power of Core 2 Quad sticker to show off.

Eric Kim, the man who dared to kill the Pentium brand, is behind this latest move. The loss of the Pentium brand didn't hurt Intel one bit, and who would have though that the transition would be so successful. I guess Intel knows what they are doing.


Core 2 Extreme logo will remain the same but it might be confusing that all Core 2 Extreme that are set to come in the future are going to be Quad core. Nehalem might break this Core 2 spell and introduce Core 8 technology or some other novelty.


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