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Intel won't cut Core 2 Duo / quad desktop prices soon

by on07 September 2007


A new cheap CPU on 21st of October

The prices
of QX6850 and E6850 and all the other FSB 1333 and 1066MHz FSB desktop CPUs won't change in Q3 2007.

Intel has finally dropped the price wars and it will just introduce E4600 Core 2 Duo CPU with FSB 800 and 2 MB of cache at $129 to spice up the market. As Phenom won't come on time and at right speeds to really hurt Intel, the company can afford not to cut the prices anymore.

In the meantime in early Q4 21st of October Intel plans launch a new E4600 and at the same time it will drop the price of E4500 from its current $129 to $109 . This is the only price change in the next eight weeks.

The rest of the Desktop CPUs won't change its prices and Intel hopes for some nice profits in Q4 this year.
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