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K10 works up to 2.5 GHz

by on13 July 2007


TDP at acceptable 89W

Barcelona at this moment can reach 2.5 GHz and we are talking about the last stable revision of the core. This is the highest that AMD can go today and at this clock speed this quad core has a TDP of acceptable 89W.

This is good Thermal design power for a 65 nanometre processor and this will get better in second half of 2008 when it finally goes to 45 nanometre.

AMD can thank acceptable TDP numbers to its Silicon on Insulator production but at the same time this is its nightmare as SOI is one of the key treble that is keeping the CPU cool and don’t allow AMD to go over the magical 2.5 GHz.

For DAAMIT sake we hope that AMD can bring a new revision that can go up to 2.8 GHz as AMD desperately needs one.

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