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First Barcelona model numbers arrives

by on27 June 2007

Lands September 10th

Mike Magee over at the Inquirer had got his hands on the first confirmed Barcelona model numbers and he's even got pricing information and a confirmed launch date, September the 10th. Mike is rarely wrong when it comes to this kind of stuff, although don't expect this to be written in stone.

The models are as follows: 

2348 1.9GHz 95W $320
2350 2.0GHz 95W $390
2352 2.1GHz 95W $450
2354 2.2GHz 95W $610
2356 2.3GHz 95W $795
2358 2.4GHz 120W $1180
2360 2.5GHz 120W TBA

We're of course talking Opteron CPU's here and the models above are for dual CPU systems and have native quad cores. Each CPU will have 4x 64kB L1 cache and 4x 512kB L2 cache.

Only the 2348 and the 2350 will launch in September, with more models launching in October.

You can read the original story here and there's some more information about the new 8-series of Opteron processors as well, although no confirmed launch date for these parts.

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