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Barcelona is AMD Phenom, officially

by on14 May 2007


Eight way system confirmed by AMD

AMD decided to give its Barcelona and HD 2000 series a big noise. Today it announced that the CPU will be called AMD Phenom, at least the desktop part. The enthusiast platform previously known as Quad FX is today codenamed FASN8.

Dual and quad core Phenom are scheduled for second half of 2007.ATI already demonstrated dual socket Quad core in San Francisco and people were impressed with it. This will allow them to realize new possibilities and find new inspiration.

 All AMD Phenom processors will feature an integrated DDR2 memory controller, HyperTransport and 128-bit Floating Point Units for improved speed and performance in floating point calculations.

AMD also confirmed our previous stories that K10 will work on current AM2 and Socket AM2+ motherboards.

We are sure that Mario Rivas the chap responsible for the naming will disagree but we don’t think that Phenom is a great brand name. Well market will buy it regardless the name if it turns up to be the right stuff.

AMD also confirmed Phenom X2 and X4 processors as the addition to the branding. I see only two problems, a lack of software and the lack of availability of these CPU's and Agena FX or Phenom FX wont show its face until later time in Q3.

Agena the AM2 part branded as Phenom X4 wont show its face until Q4 so good job paper launching stuff.

You can read the whole press release here.

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