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AMD to kill the Athlon brand

by on03 May 2007


Welcome AMD Phenom X4 2500

We just got informed that after eight years of service, AMD is finally planning to retire the Athlon brand. Just as Intel made a super bold move and got rid of Pentium for its CPUs, AMD will introduce a new brand called Phenom when the K10 generation of CPUs is introduced.

There will be three flavours, the FX parts will be called the AMD Phenom FX, the quad core will be called Phenom X4 and the dual core, Phenom X2. The performance rating is gone for good.

The AMD Phenom X4 2500 should be the model name for the 2.5 GHz K10 quad core Agena CPU, but AMD hasn't made the final decision about the 2500 part of the model name.

All these CPUs are still scheduled for Q3


Last modified on 03 May 2007
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