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Intel to challenge K10 with 45 nm parts

by on19 April 2007


Intel at 3GHz+ clocks can beat K10

Intel has a fighting chance in Q1 2008. Once it releases its Dual and Quad core designs at 45 nanometre will be able to fight against Barcelona, Budapest, Agena and Agena FX quad core designs.

Intel knows that AMD has a very powerful CPU and that K10 has a very good performance per watt figures. It also scores really well for its clock speed.

But Intel can go beyond 3GHz as soon as it goes to 45 nanometre. Harpertown the first Intel's 45 nm server part is scheduled for Q4 2007 but the real game starts with Yorkfield in Q1 2008.

AMD should not be that far away with its 45 nanometre production as it is currently on the schedule to start the product in first half of 2008. With Shanghai and Montreal out the game is on, one more time.

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