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AMD 45 nm Shanghai up and running

by on19 April 2007


Working prototypes, can hit 3GHz+

AMD already
has some prototypes of Shanghai native quad core at 45 nm and 6 MB of L3 cache. This unit won't go in production till sometimes next year but at least the marchitecture works.

Sources close to company also confirmed that AMD can 45 nanometre parts without changing the fabs so the usual suspect Dresden fab will get a line to produce these parts.

The best part is that this will allow AMD to reach the 3GHz or fastest clocks and get back in the game versus Intel. TDP, the thermal dissipation of Barcelona or Budapest K10 parts at 3 GHz would just be too much as these parts are 65 nanometre only.

So Penryn and Yorkfield will have Shanghai to make it run for its money all in 2008.   

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