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Fastest Agena FX works at 2.5 GHz

by on16 April 2007
Samples up and running

Agena FX
samples are ready from before Cebit. AMD showed them before and our industry sources saw them before.

The top part runs at 2.5 GHz while the slower parts will start at 1.9GHz. The top of the line 2.5GHz part might have a TDP higher than 95W, but this was already suspected.  It's still good for a quad core and it might end up being faster than both Clovertown and Kentsfield anyhow.

The production might be the tricky part as AMD still can not ramp enough of these CPUs today, so the launch is scheduled for second part of 2007. AMD said that Barcelona – the server part is the first one while the Agena FX follows up probably a quarter later.

Last modified on 16 April 2007
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