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HD 5670 reviewed, praised and loved

by on13 January 2010


Faster than GTS 240, slower than HD 4770

Hardwarezone has jumped the gun and posted the first Redwood HD 5670 review. ATI's new mainstream card looks like quite a performer, as it manages to outpace Nvidia's GTS 240 and in some scenarios it's even faster than the 9800 GT. It still ends up a bit slower than ATI's DX10 HD 4770.

Reviewers noted that the HD 5670 has some difficulties coping with antialiasing on higher resolutions, but this is a mainstream product and more demanding consumers will probably go for HD 5700 or 5800 series cards anyway.

The HD 5670 is a huge improvement over the 4600 series, but in our opinion it's still a bit pricey, as it sells for €70 to €100 depending on the SKU.

You can check out the review here.
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