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Radeon 4670 and 4650 almost done

by on03 September 2008


DDR3 is the first

We were told that Radeon 4670 and 4650 should be launching next week and that ATI plans to get them out in 512MB and 1GB iterations.

The Radeon 4670 is based on RV730 and this new card uses DDR3 memory. The Radeon 4650 uses DDR2 memory, the reference card has 512MB, and the partners will have the ability to make 1GB version.

These two cards should be out between 10th and 15th of September and the first scores tells us that performance wise the Radeon 4670 is going next to neck with Radeon 3850, which is one impressive score.

The RV710 cards should be launching by the end of the month.  




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