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32in LCD panels in short supply

by on28 August 2007

Samsung sources panels in Taiwan

According to a news post on Digitimes, 32in LCD panels for TV's are in short supply and Samsung is trying to source panels in Taiwan as it doesn't make any profit on its own 32in panels.

The demand for cheap 32in panels for TV's has increased with the popularity of low cost 32in LCD TV's taking off. You can generally pick up a 32in LCD TV for very little money these days, at least if you're not to fussed about the brand.

The problem is that with decreased profit in the market for 32in panels, the panel manufacturers are slowing down or at least keeping the production flat. The panel makers want to sell 37 and 42in panels instead, as there's more profit to be gained here.

Even a big player such as Samsung is having a hard time, as it doesn't have a 6G factory, as Samsung went from 5G to 7G, hence it's own panels are too expensive for entry level TV's.

This means that the price of 32in TV sets might increase and no changes are expected this side of Christmas.

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