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Gainward GTX 750 Ti Golden Sample reviewed

by on27 March 2014


The GTX 750 Ti is an attractive card for games on budget. The reference Geforce GTX 750 Ti sells from €120, while the Radeon HD R7 265 sells for about €130.

The Golden Sample (GS) card comes with a factory overclock and a custom quiet cooler and these extras will add a €15 premium. We are talking about a huge 182MHz overclock (18% overclock) and this makes difference as we saw about 14% better results compared to the reference GTX 750 Ti. The R7 265 offers on average 13% more performance compared to the reference GTX 750 Ti, but the Golden Sample card managed to compete with the R7 265 rather well. On average, the Golden Sample card consumes 40W less that the R7 265. It is question of user preference, do you care about consumption or not? We care and so does AMD. For years AMD marketed its Radeons as having superior performance-per-watt, but this is no longer the case, thanks to Maxwell. Despite high factory overclock, Golden Sample offers additional overclocking potential.

Of course, price plays a huge role in the mid-range market segment and in this case it is rather tempting. In fact, we dare say that Gainward’s new Golden Sample is one of the best graphics cards you can get for less than €140 today. It does not need a fancy, overpriced cooler to overclock well, and it does not need external power connectors. However it doesn't provide SLI feature. All these savings add up, making the card relatively cheap to produce. Efficiency also allows end-users to save cash when choosing a PSU, since frugal cards and processors don't need a fancy and pricey PSU to deliver plenty of performance.

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Last modified on 03 April 2014
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