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Gainward GTX 750 Ti Golden Sample reviewed

by on27 March 2014


The GTX 750 Ti Golden Sample card comes with a high factory overclock which sets the GPU base clock at 1202MHz, while the reference GPU base clock is set at 1020MHz. Nvidia's GPU Boost 2.0 takes the average GPU clock to 1085MHz for the reference GPU and to 1281MHz for the GS card. The GPU clock offset slider can still be adjusted, so we tried it and using the standard voltage and AUTO fan settings we managed to push the GPU 60MHz over the factory clocks. The overclocking potential is very good considering that this is a factory overclocked card.

Memory overclocking is vital in any attempt to squeeze out more performance from a graphics card. Our memory overclocking run resulted with a total 130MHz (effective 520MHz) overclock. Overclocking resulted with about additional 6% bump in performance.

All in all, there is still some headroom for overclocking, which is impressive given the 18% factory overclock.

Last modified on 03 April 2014
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