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Point of View/TGT GTX 680 Beast reviewed

by on11 July 2012



There are many good GTX 680 cards on the market and picking the best one is definitely not an easy task. Average users aren’t usually interested in overclocking or noise, so they wouldn’t regret buying a reference card either. The GTX 680 offers great performance for gaming at standard resolutions, 2560x1600 included.

Performance-consumption ratio on GTX 680 cards is already good, so overclocked cards can only build on it. Unfortunately, the price you’ll pay for factory overclocked GTX 680 cards tends to increase significantly the closer you get to the likes of GTX 680 Beast. Naturally, there are always enthusiasts who put performance and silence before price.

The GTX 680 Beast offers quality performance thanks to the 157MHz factory overclock, but the large three-fan cooler helped as well. Beast’s cooler is not only silent when idle, but impressively quiet when working hard as well. Despite the already high overclock, we managed to overclock the GPU by another 60MHz.

The resulting performance would’ve been even better if the memory was overclock, but the Beast, just like most other factory overclocked GTX 680s, comes with reference clocked memory. Overclocking the memory was not difficult though and we easily boosted it from 1500MHz to 1650MHz.

The cooler is a nice foundation for overclocking and GPU temperature didn’t exceed 76°C, not even while running at about 1300MHz. The only possible downside, if there is any, would be that the cooler takes up three slots, so bear this in mind if you’re planning on a SLI setup in the future.

The most affordable GTX 680 currently goes for about €465. The GTX 680 Beast should be somewhere in the range of the GTX 680 Beast Watercooled, i.e. around €550.

In conclusion, Point of View / TGT GTX 680 Beast is one lean and mean beast that would definitely be a worthy addition to anybody’s rig.

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