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Cooltek Skiron reviewed

by on21 June 2012


The price range where Skiron resides (the lowest priced is currently 77 euro) lists many quality cases and Cooltek's job isn't the least bit easy. Some users prefer the looks, others look for performance or room, while most look for a quality mixture of the three.

If you choose Skiron, you won't have to worry about CPU cooler or graphics card compatibility - this is a large mid-tower case that will take anything. The case offers seven expansion slots, four stock fans and a fan RPM regulator.

Coolng performance is good but nothing remarkable. Still, we could say that the company made a good compromise between noise and performance. Besides, users who aren't content with the stock solution can always upgrade the case themselves, since it has room for additional six fans.

You can connect internal USB 3.0 cables to the motherboard's external I/O panel or you can use included converter for internal USB 3.0 connectors, which doesn't come with older USB 3.0 cases. Another thing we really liked is the front compartment with two USB ports, which is quite practical and came in really handy. Namely, you can keep your USB stick plugged in without fear of accidentally hitting it and/or breaking the port or stick.

Skiron is a well equipped case but its build quality didn't quite impress us. The chassis is tough enough but there are a few points where the company could've perhaps done better. Still, seeing as how they are not thigs of key importance, we would recommend Skiron as a case that will definitely do a good job.

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