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Cooler Master NotePal Infinite EVO tested

by on14 July 2011


Cooler Master’s Notepal Infinite EVO is a cooling solution for 12’’-15.4’’ notebooks. As you can see, it is a charmer and we’re quite sure many will like it. It was comfortable when we used it on our lap. It has no rough edges and comes angled, which will help both with posture and ease of work.


Although it seems fanless, the EVO has two 80mm fans and a fan speed regulator. The fans are pretty loud at maximum RPM but can be made silent via the regulator. Unfortunately, once you make them quiet enough not to hear the airflow, you’ll notice a quiet but constant noise (buzzing) from the fans. Needless to say, it gets quite irritating.

In case you’ve read the testing part, you know that we used our Acer’s 15.6’’ 5745DG notebook. Unfortunately, the EVO made little difference as temperatures changed only slightly. The solution of two fans set in a U shaped case seemed pretty innovative and logical, but it turned out to be much better on paper. Infinite EVO is currently priced at about €30. Considering that its primary cooling function wasn’t what we expected, we must say that it’s a bit too much.

Still, we must stress that we’re positively surprised with Cooler Master’s frequent refreshes of its notebook accessories line. While our today’s sample wasn’t quite a world beater, the company’s tempo suggests we’ll see one sooner rather than later.

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Last modified on 14 July 2011
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