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Apple decides not to force its workers back to work
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Tells them it fears new Covid outbreak

After making a big thing about forcing its workers back to the Office, fruit and nutty cargo cult Apple appears to have realised that a lot of its staff will just leave instead.

Microsoft discovers that we are productive at 9PM
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Workers from home have three performance peaks rather than two 

Software King of the World, Microsoft has discovered that those working from home have three performance peaks rather than those who work in the office which only have one.

Trump orders clamp down on H-1B workers
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Silicon Valley must prove they can’t hire US workers

After solving the problem of terrorists coming into the US by using an executive order banning Muslims from entering the country from places where he does not have business dealings, Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump is doing something similar to Big Tech.

Amazon robot use increases by 50 percent
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Metropolis becomes current affairs

In the last five years, the robot workforce at Amazon has increased from zero to 45,000 and most of that was during 2016.

Western chipmaker accused of employee mistreatment
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Going Dutch means long hours 

Dutch chipmaker NXP has been accused of forcing workers in its overseas factories to work too long and undermining local trade unions.

foxconn logo

Apple’s logo makes him sick

foxconn logo

Only with some, though


Demand has killed off the last supply

Did it nick data from Craigslist?

Looks like IT is not on cost cutting lists