Intel wants a new type of memory
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Forget about AMD for a moment

Chipzilla boffins have published a paper suggesting a new kind of CPU memory to block side-channel attacks like Meltdown and Spectre.

Linux suffers from memory problem
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Less than 4GB and you are doomed

Desktop Linux is particularly brutal when it comes to running on low RAM systems.

Samsung suffers from memory glut
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Profits slashed by half

Samsung posted a 56 percent plunge in June-quarter profit as an oversupply of memory chips continued to weigh down prices.

DRAM average sales price to fall 42.1 per cent
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Because industry’s internal augers muffed their oracles

DRAM average sales price set to fall 42.1 percent after the key prediction people in the chip making business stuffed up their predictions.

It a universal computer memory breakthrough
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Quantum crossing of DRAM with Flash?

Lancaster University has announced a "universal computer memory" breakthrough combining the fast, low-energy storage of DRAM memory with the robustness of flash memory.

SSD prices drop in a trade war
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Beancounters at DRAMeXchange have added up some numbers and concluded that the NAND flash industry this year is exhibiting signs of oversupply.

HyperX releases two new Predator memory kits
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DDR4-4266 and DDR4-4600

Kingston has released two new HyperX Predator 16GB high-performance memory kits with 4266MHz and 4600MHz frequencies.

MicroSD Express announced
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Speeds of up to 985 Mb/s

The SD Association has unveiled a new format that will bring speeds of up to 985 Mb/s to the tiny memory cards used in smartphones and other devices. 

Samsung produces 1TB UFS for mobiles
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No more need for microSDs

Samsung has started mass producing what it says is the industry's first one terabyte embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) technology for smartphones.

Toshiba not flogging memory chip stake
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Will keep it for now

Toshiba has no immediate plans to sell its 40.2 percent stake in Toshiba Memory according to its CEO.