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Samsung is cursed
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14 September 2016

Samsung is cursed

The Gods have spoken and the ground shakes

Samsung appears to have hacked off the gods – first its Note 7 batteries start exploding and now the ground is literally being pulled from under its feet.

Japanese earthquakes could damage IT supplies
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Sony plant damaged

The two major earthquakes rocked southern Japan this week damaging Sony's image sensor plant.

MediaTek sales targets unharmed by earthquake
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Despite postponed deliveries

MediaTek saw some postponed deliveries of some chips from TSMC, and there had been fears that it might not meet its sales guidance.

Recent Taiwan earthquake impact larger than expected
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Damage to Fab 14 may affect iPhone 7 production

A recent 6.4-magnitude earthquake in the southern Taiwan region that killed at least 116 people was originally expected to have a less than 1 percent impact on semiconductor manufacturing in the region. TSMC now expects to have an impact above 1 percent, according to an updated report from DigiTimes.


Back to prequake levels

Sony could push it to 2011 in some regions

Earthquakes and other doom

Business as usual for TSMC

Events in Japan have shut down suppliers