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Earthquake might have damaged TSMC production

by on15 February 2016

The Gods are not happy with the iPhone 7

Although it was thought that the earthquake in Taiwan might have had a limited impact on the production of electronics, rumours are flying that all is not well at TSMC.

The earthquake with a moment magnitude of 6.4 struck Taiwan on February 8. It has left 116 confirmed dead. However what is worrying the Tame Apple Press are worried is that

TSMC is where the next iPhone 7 is going to come from and they are just starting to program fanboys to think that the iPhone6se is not the chocolate teapot that anyone with any sense would think.

To make matters worse Apple late last year decided that it was going to snub Samsung and put the production of all its A-series chips into TSMC’s hands. Putting all your eggs in one basket is the sort of sane business choice which any company who has experienced supply problems before would do. After all what could possibly go wrong?

It does look like TSMC is flat out with the repairs. Officially it is believed that TSMC is expected to have 95% of its production capacity restored in the next three days, and that the long-term impact would only be a loss of 1 per cent of their 2016 production. But it is also rumoured that damage to one of their chip fabrication facilities was worse than originally assessed and repairs might drag on.

It is unclear if this will slow down production of the iPhone, or if more importantly it will effect some of the business plans of other companies’ chip projects.

Last modified on 15 February 2016
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