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AI takes its toll on Big Tech
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Tech giants axe 34,000 jobs

Major tech firms such as Microsoft, Alphabet, PayPal, and eBay have sacked 34,000 workers since the start of 2024 to focus on artificial intelligence (AI), the Financial Times revealed.

Former Ebay executive admits terror attacks on customers
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Send in the live spiders

A former eBay executive admitted conducting a terror campaign against a small newsletter which had the temerity to publish a story about the auctioneer pinching customers from Amazon.

eBay security boss pleads guilty to stalking couple
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Cross-country campaign one of the strangest

If you ever wondered if big corporates could be trusted to act reasonably, the strange case of eBay’s complaints department is a compelling case for intense government regulation.

eBay employees harassed a couple over criticism
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Over-the-top psychological terrorism

Six eBay employees including a former police captain harassed and cyberstalked a middle aged couple for publishing a newsletter which was critical of the company.

Man posts porn on Ebay by mistake
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Owl be seeing you later

A man trying to flog a Beswick figurine of an owl on auction site Ebay snapped a screen on his HP laptop that displayed naked porn stars.

Who needs hackers?

Looks like its Christmas will be OK

radeon logo new

Four days to go, stands at US $1,275.00


Did it nick data from Craigslist?

Auction mimics Apple’s pricing policies