Fibre cable cut
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20 December 2019

Fibre cable cut

Mystery as part of Eastern Europe, Iran and Turkey cut

Observers are baffled by the simultaneous cutting of fibre optic cables across parts of eastern Europe, Iran and Turkey yesterday.

Cable companies have themselves to blame for cord cutting
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Too expensive

For a while now, cable companies have been suffering from the rise of streaming internet entertainment from the likes of Netflix, but it turns out that they have only themselves to blame, according to a new report.

Home cable continues to die
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40 percent of US people will cut the cable by 2030

By 2030, as many as 40 percent of Americans will have cut the cord to their cable companies and telephones according to predictions in a new report by market outfit TDG Research.

Cable dying
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24 December 2015

Cable dying

Kids of today switch it off

The glory days of cable and satellite telly is slowly drawing to a close, according to a new survey.

Apple pulls Monster's licence
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How dare you sue us!

Jobs' Mob has shown its petty side after it pulled the licence for Monster Cable to make expensive wires for its expensive toys.


Microsoft releases new transfer cable for 360S

Arrest me and the information goes out unfiltered