Tech prices go up in the US
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Trump weighted tariffs start to bite

President Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump’s tariffs have started to affect the price of tech goods across the pond.

Why the “post-PC” era never happened
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Ever get the impression you have been lied to?

In 2007 Steve Jobs announced that humanity had entered the “post PC era” and that the world would be completely mobile.

PC sales continue to decline
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Particularly in the USA

Analysts at Gartner released data that showed PC sales continue to fall, although the outfit said there are some “causes for optimism”.

Qualcomm hints Snapdragon PCs are coming
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Windows with no hint of x86

Qualcomm has dropped a huge hint that we will see ARM based PCs in the shops in the fourth quarter.

Compal to ship 40 million PCs this year
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Ten per cent growth

It seems that there is some recovery in the PC market, according to manufacturer Compal.

Microsoft drops licencing fees for Windows 10
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Cheaper than 2016

Microsoft has reduced the cost of Windows 10 licences for models to be launched in the middle of the year. 

PC shipments slightly up in Western Europe
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 Doldrums time

A research note from IDC said that PC shipments in the EMEA region accounted for 16.1 million units in the second quarter of this year.

Intel likely to split asunder
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A revel with a cause

The world and its dog knows that Intel is a spent force but now the word on the autobahn is that it’s likely to break into two bits.

Asustek expects to make a profit
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Motherboard stands for comfort

You would expect everything in Asustek to be dire given that it makes notebooks, smartphones, tablets and desktops and these are dropping down the blackberry.


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