IBM’s DeepMind creates a game learning system
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AlphaZero upgrades

IBM’s AI supreme intelligence DeepMind has created a system that can quickly master any game including chess, Go, and Shogi, and do so without human guidance.

IBM wades into web-based big tech
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Personal data handling is irresponsible

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty joined a growing chorus of tech executives lambasting web platforms, like Google and Facebook, over their collection of user data and urged governments to target regulation at those companies.

IBM might have the power to go beyond 7nm
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New materials and processes

Big Blue has come up with some new materials and processes that could help improve the efficiency of chip production at the 7nm node and beyond.

IBM has surprise revenue drop
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Mainframe sales slow

Big Blue has reported a bigger-than-expected drop in revenue caused by slowing software sales and wavering demand for mainframe servers.

IBM takes on JEDI
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11 October 2018

IBM takes on JEDI

The Force is strong in this one

IBM is challenging the US Defence Department’s decision to turn to a single provider for its $10 billion department wide cloud computing infrastructure which has the Star Wars name JEDI.

IBM cracks processing barrier
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Electrified graphene is 97 percent accurate

IBM has come up with a way to go beyond 7nm processing using electrified graphene.

Microsoft, IBM join affordable cloud alliance
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Cloudflare forms glorious Bandwidth alliance

Cloudflare has brought together Microsoft, IBM, Digital Ocean, Automattic and Backblaze under the Bandwidth Alliance.

IBM cloud looks for AI bias
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More transparency

IBM is now offering a cloud-based service designed to detect bias in AI and bring transparency to how AI-powered systems make decisions.

IBM voices its cancer success
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Winning battles not the war

The CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty, has hit back on claims that IBM tech was not as successful at fighting cancer as it would like.

IIT-B and IBM team up on AI research
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IBM’s Artificial Intelligence Horizons Network now comprises eight top universities

The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) and IBM Research have announced a multi-year collaboration on research in artificial intelligence.