IBM warns that encryption's reign will be over soon
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The development of Quantum computers is the obituary of current encryption

IBM has warned that quantum computers will mean the end of encryption of sensitive data protected by today's most robust security.

IBM bans removable storeage
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Security risk

IBM has banned its staff from using portable removable storage as it feels that it is a security accident waiting to happen. 

North Carolina State University gets IBM quantum computing hub
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Part of the global IBM Q Network

North Carolina State University will be the first in North America to establish a university-based IBM Quantum Computing hub as part of the global IBM Q Network.

IBM AC922 Power 9 server has 6 Nvidia V100s
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Enterprise AI beats the X86 competition

IBM has just announced an AC922 Power 9 based machine that addresses artificial intelligence (AI), deep and machine learning -  aimed at the enterprise AI market.

IBM profits fall short of Wall Street expectations
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Reinvention talking time

Big Blue posted profit margins that fell short of Wall Street expectations in a sign that its turn around was taking time.

IBM’s new mainframe headed for the clouds
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Capable of processing 850 million fully encrypted transactions per day per day

Big Blue has been showing off two new mainframe systems which are widely seen as its latest attempt to get its hardware into cloud data centres.

Jensen thinks Quantum is the future
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Exclusive:  Will be important

Last week at the GTC we saw Jen Hsung Huang, the founder and CEO of Nvidia walking by, and of course, we had to ask him a question. The single thing I wanted to ask was his opinion about Quantum computing.

Humans responsible for most cloud errors
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IBM study

Cloud-related cyber attacks saw a significant 424 percent jump mainly owing to human error.

IBM CEO says 80 percent of data is not searchable
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IBM Think 2018: That is where AI can help

Ginni Rometty, the President and CEO of IBM, reminded us that the world we are living in has changed dramatically. Eighty percent of data created is not searchable and this is where AI can really help.

Business users get their paws on Watson
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To build Mobile AI for the great unwashed

IBM has launched Watson Assistant, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered voice assistant for businesses to package to consumers.