IBM packs in an age discrimination defence
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You mean you want to see our executives’ emails?

Biggish Blue has mysteriously packed in an age discrimination case after it was ordered to produce internal emails in which its former CEO and former SVP of human resources discuss reducing the number of older workers.

Big Tech not all that keen on AI products
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The only way is Ethics 

Search engine outfit Google is not rushing to turn its cloud into AI based decision making.

IBM must pay BMC for software swap
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Judge rules

Big Blue must pay $1.6 billion to BMC for swapping in its own software while servicing their mutual client.

IBM wants to make quantum supercomputers
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The plan is potentially alive and dead

IBM is ready to expand quantum technology into supercomputing – a gift for Bond villains everywhere.

IBM puts the I back into Power servers
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First upgrade in a while

Biggish Blue has updated the "I" operating system it offers for its Power servers for the first time in a while.

Big Blue getting bigger again
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Top end of revenue forecast

IBM expects to hit the top end of its revenue growth forecast for 2022, the company said as it flagged a $300 million knock to revenue from the suspension of its business in Russia.

Tsar Putin orders glorious Russian supercomputer
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Made with invincible and advanced Russian chips based on proven technology

Terrified that ordering invasions of other countries might prevent his country getting its paws on technology, Tsar Putin has ordered that a supercomputer be built around Russian-made Elbrus processors.

IBM releases new mainframe
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Runs on the IBM Telum processor

IBM a new mainframe which uns on the IBM Telum processor, which the company released last summer.

Big Tech staff want their companies to do more for Ukraine
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A powerful lobby group

Staff working for big tech companies are providing their management with a powerful motivation to do more to isolate Tsar Putin and his chronies and do more for Ukraine.

Nvidia and IBM to follow Microsoft on SSD/GPU
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DirectStorage was a good idea lets open source it

Nvidia and IBM have both decided to follow Microsoft's cunning plan to speed up load times using graphical data from the SSD directly to the GPU.