IBM's cryptocurrancy gaining ground
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For banking clients

IBM is taking its banking clients a step closer to cryptocurrency.

IBM quantum processor manages machine learning
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The cat is out of the box Dave

IBM researchers have managed to implement machine learning on an IBM quantum processor

Big Blue did not time travel
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But quantumly speaking the story is both dead and alive

The last 24 hours have seen a story which claims that IBM boffins have managed to turn back time using a quantum computer. But it is starting to look like the story was overhyped.

IBM warns of Brexit doom
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Warns that it is preparing for the worst

IBM has issued a statement showing that is preparing for the worst if Britain exits from the EU.

Watson will work on rival clouds
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IBM seeks to win over more AI customers

Big Blue has said that some of its Watson artificial intelligence services will work on rival cloud computing providers.

IBM AI challenges human debater
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Think 2019: Project Debater AI

IBM  showed off something very significant today, and dared to challenge someone who claimed to be the European's best debater in an attempt to win an argument. The judge declared a human as a winner, but the AI machine did a great job while offering comprehensive amount of data to back the argument. This is as big as IBM's  Big Blue supercomputer beating Kasparov in 1997.

Companies need to do 100s of AI experiments
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Think 2019: IBM Rob Thomas General manager AI data and AI

IBM is holding its annual Think 2019 conference and AI is of course a big part of it. We had a chance to hear Rob Thomas,  General Manager of AI data and AI, who delivered a very interesting analysis on the state of things with the technology.

Big Blue creates orange blockchain
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Tracking system has appeal

IBM trailed the use of blockchain technology to track a shipment of mandarin oranges as they journeyed from China to Singapore.

Big Blue spices up AI with  McCormick
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AI getting everywhere

The move to AI is making for some unlikely partners. AI expert IBM and McCormick, which sells spices and condiments, are teaming up to create new all-in-one spice packets.

Aetna teams up with IBM on blockchain
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Cloudy health

Aetna and a host of other health insurers have signed up to Big Blue's plan to build a blockchain network aimed at cutting costs in the healthcare industry.