GlobalFoundries sues IBM
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Shared IP and trade secrets

Chip manufacturer GlobalFoundries said today it had filed a lawsuit against IBM, accusing it of unlawfully sharing confidential intellectual property and trade secrets.

Big Blue debates getting out of the weather business
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Not sure whether the weather is something that should be offloaded

IBM is exploring a sale of its weather operation as a way of making some fast cash and streamlining its operations in case it has a rainy day.

Intel, IBM, and Nvidia fights bans on “forever chemicals”
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So much for being green

While companies are banging on about how green and circular they are, Intel, IBM, and Nvidia have joined together with industrial materials businesses to fight US clampdowns on “forever chemicals.”

Biggish Blue brings quantum to the Basques
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127-qubit system

IBM and Fundación Ikerbasque have teamed up to install and manage a new Quantum computer system, including Qiskit Runtime Services, in the Basque Country.

IBM runs an AI based supercomputer
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Fortunately it is using it for "good" 

IBM has unveiled its "AI supercomputer" composed of a bunch of virtual machines running within IBM Cloud."

IBM does well
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26 January 2023

IBM does well

Still fires more workers 

Biggish Blue announced that its operating profits and revenue met analysts' expectations, but the outfit said it would still fire 3,900 workers because that is what everyone is doing these days.

IBM shifts AIX development to India
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So much for keeping tech within US boundaries 

While some companies are questioning if it is a good idea to have all their production and development in foreign parts, IBM is shipping its AIX jobs to its Indian office. 

Quantum computing enters startup company phase
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Quantum cats no longer just for boffins

More cash is starting to flow into tquantum computing , turning academic research at MIT and Harvard labs into startups, according to the Boston Globe.

IBM releases most powerful quantum computer yet
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Three times the number of potentially dead or alive cats on board 

IBM has launched its most powerful quantum computer to date.

Japanese serious about 2nm processing
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Spending $2.38 billion on research

Japan is spending $2.38 billion to build the joint research hub with the US on 2nm process technology.