AI makers ask US senate for regulation
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Before it is too late 

AI bigwigs have been appearing before a US Senate Judiciary subcommittee to ask for some hard and fast regulations before things get out of hand.

Open saucers have job security
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No one wants to fire them

While tech companies are laying off staff claiming that they are cutting costs because of “economic headwinds” they do not seem that keen to let their open saucers go.

IBM launches new artificial intelligence and data platform
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Watsonx could bring AI to more businesses

IBM on Tuesday launched Watsonx, a new artificial intelligence and data platform to help companies integrate AI in their business.

IBM boss warns remote workers “Careers will suffer"
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No promotion – especially to management

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna (pictured) said that while he is not forcing remote workers to come into the office, those who do not might find it difficult to be promoted.

IBM pauses hiring humans
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AI could replace 7,800 jobs

Biggish Blue is so confident that AI can replace humans that it is pausing hiring.

Red Hat cuts hundreds jobs
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Shutting the open sauce bottle 

Red Hat is cutting "hundreds of jobs" and has begun telling employees if they have to clean out their desks.

GlobalFoundries sues IBM
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Shared IP and trade secrets

Chip manufacturer GlobalFoundries said today it had filed a lawsuit against IBM, accusing it of unlawfully sharing confidential intellectual property and trade secrets.

Big Blue debates getting out of the weather business
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Not sure whether the weather is something that should be offloaded

IBM is exploring a sale of its weather operation as a way of making some fast cash and streamlining its operations in case it has a rainy day.

Intel, IBM, and Nvidia fights bans on “forever chemicals”
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So much for being green

While companies are banging on about how green and circular they are, Intel, IBM, and Nvidia have joined together with industrial materials businesses to fight US clampdowns on “forever chemicals.”

Biggish Blue brings quantum to the Basques
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127-qubit system

IBM and Fundación Ikerbasque have teamed up to install and manage a new Quantum computer system, including Qiskit Runtime Services, in the Basque Country.