France does not surrender on Apple's advertising
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Illegally harvesting iPhone owners' data

While the Tame Apple Press applauded Job's Mob's moves to tackle privacy issues from Facebook and other clients, it appears that the French data protection authority, CNIL was less impressed.

France's privacy watchdog fines Microsoft €60 million for privacy violations
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Take your nasty 'amburger eating cookies out of our sight

France's privacy watchdog has decided not to surrender to the software king of the world Microsoft and fined the outfit €60 million for dropping advertising cookies in users' computers without their explicit consent in violation of data protection laws in the European Union.

French say "non" to US computers in schools
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We 'ave no intention of giving our data to you 'amburger eaters

The French minister of national education and youth is banning the use of US based computers which send data to the land of the fee.

Germany and French watchdogs ignored data protection rules
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Companies win

European Court of Justice (ECJ) issued rulings that limit indiscriminate data retention in France and Germany after several watchdogs ignored them

France surrenders on biometric testing
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Government wants to know where its citizens are at all times in case they are building a guillotine 

The French government is so worried that its citizens might revolt and chop off their heads in the roundabout in the Place de la Concorde that they are spending a fortune on new biometric cards to keep an eye on them.

French cuts Russian staff from network
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Excusez-moi, we just don’t trust you anymore.

France's largest bank BNP Paribas has cut off its Russia-based workforce from its internal computer systems in a move to defend itself against a cyberattack.

French fine Google 500 million euro
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Failed to negotiate fair deals with news publishers

Google was fined 500 million euro ($593 million) Tuesday by French competition regulators for failing to comply with an order to negotiate fair deals with news publishers for the use of their content.

French surrender to Apple over privacy enhancements
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Nothing to suggest that it is a move by an evil monopoly

The French Competition Authority refused to tell Apple to hold off implementing the changes, which will stop apps tracking iPhone and iPad users without their explicit consent, or force Apple to negotiate with app developers.

Amazon coins it in during French lock-down
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Activity boosted by 50 percent

Online retail giant Amazon, which has been operating during the French lockdown, has seen a boost in activity by 40-50 per cent.

Apple under antitrust pressure from French firms
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Advertisers up in arms

The French competition bureau has received complaints from publishers and advertising firms alleging that Apple is busting their collective asses.