Amazon has sold 200 million fires
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That should sort out the rain forests 

In the middle of announcements about its new tellys, Amazon has revealed it has now sold 200 million Fire TV devices.

US government declares war on Amazon
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Likely to be as successful as its invasion of Canada

The White House is planning to act on at least three of its six investigations into the online bookseller Amazon.

Amazon sued for installing facial recognition ID
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Forgot to tell customers 

Amazon "forgot" to tell its New York City customers that they were being monitored by facial recognition technology, a lawsuit claims.

ChatGPT books flood Amazon
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Authors that didn't write books, for readers who can't read

Hundreds of books written by ChatGPT have appeared on Amazon in recent weeks as rather stupid people look to cash in on early prototypes of generative artificial intelligence.

Amazon tests robotic taxis in California
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Using its own employees as guinea pigs 

Amazon is testing a fleet of robotaxis on public roads in California, using employees as guinea pigs.

Google fired employees by email
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Then locked out

Some Google employees were shocked to get to work and discovered that they have been fired. 

Amazon having difficulty in battle against its UK employees
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This is not the US, you can't just beat them up

US big tech box shifter Amazon is finding it tougher to break UK unions than its usual union stomping ground -- the US.

Spotify expected to lay off staff this week
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More cost cutting

Spotify is planning to announce layoffs this week, according to a new report by Bloomberg as a way for the company to cut costs.

Amazon --  a dangerous place to work claims watchdog
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Health and Safety, Amazon has heard about it

Amazon is in trouble with the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, which claims the company violated safety laws and failed to keep workers in three warehouses safe.

Film yourself opening Amazon packages
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iPhone buyer got dog food instead

Consumers are being warned to film themselves opening Amazon deliveries after a Salisbury man's £1,300 iPhone was switched for a packet of dog food.