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Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex gaming mouse reviewed

by on24 October 2015


The small impressive gamer

Logitech has been around gaming for a while, and it’s next to impossible to find a PC user that has never owned a Logitech product. 

They made a great name for themselves, producing excellent peripherals and gaming accessories, including some of the world’s finest gaming mice and keyboards. It looks like the company decided to agressively reboot its gaming business and first of the products with the new concept was the G303 Deadalus APEX mouse.

G303 2
The Logitech G303 Deadalus APEX mouse, is a smaller version of one of Logitech's flagship mice. Our general idea is to test many of Logitech mice in order to answer the eternal question: Which Logitech gaming mouse should I buy? The G303 was the first of many.

The Logitech G303 Daedalus APEX is a lightweight, compact gaming mouse that features Logitech's latest sensor, and a flexible braded cable. If this is not enough it features RGB lights on the top and sides of the mouse. With its six programmable buttons, it might not be the first choice if you are after a highly customizable mouse, but six buttons will be enough for most FPS players.

G303 9


The G303 Daedalus APEX is an almost symmetrical mouse. There is no thumb rest and with its weight of 87 grams, it is a really compact and light. The mouse itself weighs 87g, while the mouse and cable get you to 127g. Some will like the fact it is light and small, others won’t. The good thing is that Logitech has a large gaming mice portfolio to choose from.

G303 3

Personally, I use a palm grip while playing, and if you are the same like me, you might not feel too comfortable with this compact mouse. The G303 Daedalus APEX is too small to have my hand over it all the times. Despite the fact that G303 has pointed angles and long design, I would personally like to see it a bit longer. I preferred the G502 over this one, but at the same time some of Fudzilla team members would prefer a smaller mouse such as G303 Daedalus APEX.

G303 4
The claw grip fits small handed users who will find this mouse very comfortable. The APEX features thumb buttons on the left side only, so it is a right handed mouse. Lefties will have to skip this one as it won’t work for them. The surface coating of the mouse feels comfortable. I like the fact that the surface is not rubberized, because it won’t wear out over time.

The programmable RGB lighting on the sides is interesting, and you’ll either love or hate it. The dotted pattern might not be the best for everyone, but you still have colors that can make things look better. The G sight in the middle looks really nice.

G303 6

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