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Pre-rooted UMI Emax Rootjoy phablet reviewed

by on23 August 2015


Audio, Display and Camera Quality

The 1080p panel is quite good, and somewhat better than the one we had a chance to see on the Lenovo K3 Note.

Umi Emax DisplayUmi Emax Display crop100 percent

We have no complaints about colour reproduction or viewing angles. Our biggest issue with the screen is that we don’t really know what sort of glass is on top. The spec merely states it’s an OGS fully laminated panel, and that’s it.

Audio quality is average. The rear-firing speaker is adequate, but not spectacular. Call quality is good, everything is loud and clear, nothing to see here, uhm, hear.

Umi Emax Rear camera2

As for the cameras, things could have been better. UMI does not say much about the sensors in its spec sheet. It merely states that the front-facing 5-megapixel shooter has an f2.2 lens, and that’s it. We don’t know what sort of sensor is in either camera.

Umi Emax front camera sensors

The main camera delivers below average results. We suspect it doesn’t have a very fast aperture, so low-light shots can be troublesome, but the focus issues will soon make you forget about the aperture.

outdoor 1

The camera seems to have trouble focusing in certain situations, namely when you need infinite focus, which we found quite odd. HDR helps, but it does not fix the focus issue, and generates a bit of ghosting as well.

Indoors, the situation is somewhat better, as the camera focuses well and produces decent snaps.

flase daylight

As our 100% crops in daylight and under incandescent light prove, the camera can do a good job. The colours are good, and a lot of detail is preserved even at night.

flase night

However, the camera is let down by the quirky focus outdoors. Compared to other Chinese phones with 13-megapixel cameras we had a chance to test, the UMI falls short.

camera ui

The camera app UI is quick and easy to understand, no complaints there.

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